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Morris Touring Screens

Made for Weightshift Microlight Aircraft

We make screens that provide superior performance in Microlight Aircraft.


Quantum Touring screens

2725756258_7b8a3a49f2_mCheck out our Quantum touring screens for Weightshift Microlight Aircraft, we have sold over 350 of these all over the UK, and sold another 100 worldwide!!

Why Morris Screens?

Enjoy increased pilot and passenger comfort and get better communications through lack of wind noise.

  • increases fuel economy!
  • Better communications!!
  • Increased comfort!!!
  • Fully BMAA approved!!!!
  • Blade & Alpha Touring Screen
  • Quantum Touring Screen
  • Blade / Alpha Panniers
  • Quanrtum / Quik Panniers- Our screen will fit all Quantums regardless of engine size.

Customer Feedback

“Aerodynamic benefits were immediately apparent”
Ryan Jones, Surry, England

“Smoother ride, really noticed how much quieter it was. Does what it says”.
Neil Southwell, Melbourne, Australia.

“I love my new screen, really improves aerodynamics”

Ken Tailor, Oklahoma, USA